Complex Systems

Volume 1, Issue 5

Patterns for Simple Cellular Automata in a Universe of Dense-Packed SpheresDownload PDF

Carter Bays

Large Automatic Learning, Rule Extraction, and GeneralizationDownload PDF

John Denker
Daniel Schwartz
Ben Wittner
Sara Solla
Richard Howard
Lawrence Jackel
John Hopfield

Quantum FractalsDownload PDF

Siamak Amir-Azizi
Anthony J. G. Hey
Timothy R. Morris

Performance of VLSI Engines for Lattice ComputationsDownload PDF

Steven D. Kugelmass
Richard Squier
Kenneth Steiglitz

Cellular Automata MachinesDownload PDF

Norman Margolus
Tommaso Toffoli

A Mean Field Theory Learning Algorithm for Neural NetworksDownload PDF

Carsten Peterson
James R. Anderson

Transformations on Graphs and ConvexityDownload PDF

Svatopluk Poljak