Complex Systems

Volume 20, Issue 1

The Quadratic Assignment Problem in Code Optimization for a Simple
Universal Turing Machine
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Paul W. Rendell

A Radar for the InternetDownload PDF

Matthieu Latapy
Clémence Magnien
Frédéric Ouédraogo

Complex Shift Dynamics of Some Elementary Cellular Automaton RulesDownload PDF

Junbiao Guan
Kaihua Wang

On Invertible Three Neighborhood Null-Boundary Uniform Cellular AutomataDownload PDF

Soumyabrata Ghosh
Nirmalya S. Maiti
P. Pal Chaudhuri
Biplab K. Sikdar

Cellular Automata in Complex MatterDownload PDF

Dominique Désérable
Pascal Dupont
Mustapha Hellou
Siham Kamali-Bernard