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The original journal devoted to the science, mathematics and engineering of systems with simple components but complex overall behavior.

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Volume 30, Issue 3

Current Issue

Janko Gravner and Xiaochen Liu
Maximal Temporal Period of a Periodic Solution Generated by a One-Dimensional Cellular Automaton

Michelle T. Cirunay and Rene C. Batac
Spatial Signatures of Road Network Growth for Different Levels of Global Planning

Shaoping Xiao and Ruicheng Liu
Studies of COVID-19 Outbreak Control Using Agent-Based Modeling

Fernando Pazos and Flavia E. Felicioni
A Control Approach to Guide Nonpharmaceutical Interventions in the Treatment of COVID-19 Disease Using a SEIHRD Dynamical Model

Jayati Deshmukh, Srinath Srinivasa and Sridhar Mandyam
What Keeps a Vibrant Population Together?

Rade Vuckovac
Cryptographic Puzzles and Complex Systems

Samira El Yacoubi, Théo Plénet, Sara Dridi, Franco Bagnoli, Laurent Lefèvre and Clément Raïevsky
Some Control and Observation Issues in Cellular Automata

Bidesh Chakraborty, Mamata Dalui and Biplab K. Sikdar
Synthesis of Scalable Single Length Cycle, Single Attractor Cellular Automata in Linear Time


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