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The original journal devoted to the science, mathematics and engineering of systems with simple components but complex overall behavior.

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Volume 29, Issue 4

Current Issue

Kateryna Hazdiuk, Volodymyr Zhikharevich, and Serhiy Ostapov
Simulating Self-Regeneration and Self-Replication Processes Using Movable Cellular Automata with a Mutual Equilibrium Neighborhood

Andrew Adamatzky, Eric Goles, Genaro J. Martínez, Michail-Antisthenis Tsompanas, Martin Tegelaar, and Han A. B. Wosten
Fungal Automata

A. Uthamacumaran
A Review of Complex Systems Approaches to Cancer Networks

Kenneth E. Caviness, Camille Morrow, Christen Case, and Victoria Kratzke
An Improved Generalized Enumeration of Substitution Systems

Davi A. Nobre and José F. Fontanari
Prediction Diversity and Selective Attention in the Wisdom of Crowds


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