Complex Systems

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Wentian Li

Dominique d'Humières

Pierre Lallemand

André Barbé


All known errata and changes are given below for articles published in Complex Systems, Volumes 1 and 2.

Wentian Li, "Power Spectra of Regular Languages and Cellular Automata," volume 1, pages 107--130

On page 116 in item 2, the phrase "Rule 9, 11, 14, 15 " should read "Rule 9, 11, 15 ." The sentence which begins "Rule 142 with " should read "Rule 14, 142 with ." Reference [9] should be referenced at the end of the sentence "The chaotic attractors of the fourth calss may or may not be described by regular languages."

In figure 3(a), page 117, the arrow labeled "0" should be reversed. The bottom arc labeled "1" should be labeled "0 1."

The art in figures 9 and 10 should be interchanged.

The comma before L should be deleted in equation (4.4).

In the second paragraph on page 127, the second sentence should read "In other cases, the calculations required may be much harder than for simple CA, since the number of intervals (and thus the number of arcs in the RLG) needed to obtain a good approximation may be very large."

Dominique d'Humières and Pierre Lallemand, "Numerical simulations of Hydrodynamics with Lattice Gas Automata in Two Dimensions," volume 1, pages 599--632

Equation (2.7) on page 601 should read

Equations (B.13) on page 630 and (B.16) on page 631 should read, respectively,


André Barbé, "Periodic Patterns in the Binary Difference Field," volume 2, pages 209--233

Figure 10(d) on page 224 is a duplicate of 10(b). The correct figure is shown below.

Figure 10(d), "Periodic Patterns in the Binary Difference Field," André Barbé, page 224.