Complex Systems

PECANS: A Parallel Environment for Cellular Automata Modeling Download PDF

Luigi Carotenuto
Franco Mele
MARS Center,
via Comunale Tavernola,
80144, Capodichino, Napoli, Italy

Mario Mango Furnari
Renata Napolitano
Istituto di Cibernetica, CNR,
via Toiano 6, 80072, Arco Felice (Napoli), Italy


This paper discusses a new methodological approach for the modeling of complex physical systems and a parallel programming environment that implements it. The methodological approach is based on a reduction process of a physical phenomenon in components; each component is represented in terms of a cellular automaton (CA) and the relations among different components are represented by the CA network abstraction.

To implement this approach, the Parallel Environment for Cellular Automata Network Simulation (PECANS) has been developed. The CANL language has been defined as a tool to represent models by means of a network of CA. Some examples of modeling and simulations, carried out following the proposed approach, are reported.