Complex Systems

A Model for the Evolution of Society Based on the Principles of Communicative Links Formation Download PDF

Olga V. Kirillova
Present address: Ulyanovskaja str. 1, St.Petersburg, 198904 Russia.
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Yuri M. Pismak
Theoretical Physics Department,
St. Petersburg State University,
St. Petersburg, 198904, Russia


In this paper a model for the evolution of society based on the principles of communicative links formation is suggested and modified. One of the main principles of links formation suggested is closely related to altruism, the other to selfishness.

The numerical study of the model and its modifications has revealed that the selfish strategy is more robust. Although the altruistic society, under the same environmental conditions, is able to achieve a higher level of prosperity and seems to be in some sense, more rational. Eventually underlying laws of evolution lead to a dominant role of the selfish.