Complex Systems

No Polynomial Bound for the Period of Neuronal Automata with Inhibitory Memory Download PDF

René Ndoundam
Electronic mail address:
Département d'Informatique,
Faculté des Sciences,
Université de Yaoundé I,
B.P 812 Yaoundé, Cameroun

Martín Matamala
Electronic mail address:
Departamento de Ingeniería Matemática,
Centro de Modelamiento Matemático,
Casilla 170-correo 3, Santiago, Chile


We study the sequences generated by a neuronal equation with memory of the form , where is the size of the memory. We show that in the case where all the parameters are negative real numbers, there exists a neuronal equation of memory length that generates a sequence of period . This result shows that in the case where all weighting coefficients are negative, the neuronal recurrence equation exhibits a complex behavior.