Complex Systems

Circulation Transport Phenomena Involving the Interaction between Arterial and Venous Vessel Systems Based on a Simulation Using Fractal Properties Download PDF

Masahiko Monma
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Takeshi Saito
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Yasuo Yonezawa
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Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ibaraki University,
4-12-1, Nakanarusawa, Hitachi, 316-8511, Japan

Takashi Igarashi
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Center of Medical Science, Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Science,
4669-2 Ami, Ami, Inashiki, Ibaraki, 300-0394, Japan


The blood vessel system has attracted attention as a typical biological complex adaptive system. In the present study, we investigate the properties of blood flow in terms of the fractal structure of retinal blood vessel systems, which are modeled by diffusion-limited aggregation (DLA). It is demonstrated from the study that there is a difference in the properties of blood flows between the arterial and venous vessel systems, provided that they have different fractal properties of structure. This result suggests that the difference in fractal structures between the arterial and venous vessel systems may provide a clue to gain insight into the transport phenomenon of the blood flow.