Complex Systems

The New Science of Cryodynamics and
Its Connection to Cosmology Download PDF

Otto E. Rössler
Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
University of Tubingen
Auf der Morgenstelle A, 72076 Tubingen, Germany


A new science called cryodynamics is proposed as a physical discipline as fundamental as thermodynamics. It is based on work by Zwicky and Chandrasekhar and very recent numerical experiments on dynamical friction. It should be noted that most of the features of cryodynamics remain to be discovered yet; for instance, there is no entropy-like macroscopic function to be expected. Moreover, the combination of cryodynamics with thermodynamics is bound to lead to new insights. In other words, old-grained interpretations can be expected to give rise to a new synthesis. In addition, making a significant link between cryodynamics and cosmology is another fundamental aim of this work.