Complex Systems

Three-Dimensional Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Geophysical Events and the Movement of Celestial Bodies Download PDF

Natalia P. Bulatova
Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth
Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Russia


Modern research in the field of Earth sciences is continually developing, from the descriptions of each individual natural phenomenon to the systematic complex research in interdisciplinary areas. For studies of this kind in the form of three-dimensional (3D) systems, the author proposes two modules, each with its own coordinate system: Module 1, a 3D model of Earth, the coordinates of which provide databases of the Earth's events; and Module 2, a compact model of the relative motion of celestial bodies in spacetime on Earth known as the "method of a moving source." Module 2 was developed as a continuation of the geocentric Ptolemaic system of the world, built on the astronomical parameters of heavenly bodies. Based on the aggregation data of space and Earth sciences, systematization, and cooperative analysis, this is an attempt to establish a cause and effect relationship between the position of celestial bodies and Earth's natural events.