Complex Systems

Correction of Dynamical Network's Viability by Decentralization by Price Download PDF

Vinogradova Galina
Center for Research in Applied Epistemology (CREA)
École Polytechnique Doctoral School, 32 boulevard Victor
Paris, 75015, France


A connectionist system of a finite set of autonomous agents evolving independently over a common centralized environment of scarce resources is discussed and connected with the results of the agents' interactions by the connection operator, also evolving independently. The system forms a dynamical network.

The network is viable if a joint evolution satisfies the centralized scarcity constraints set by the environment. The focus of this paper is on the problem of restoring the network's viability, which is intrinsic as the decentralized behaviors (dynamics) of the agents and of the connection operator are not necessarily consistent with the centralized constraints. For restoring the viability, the decentralized dynamics are corrected using viability multipliers, which are regarded as correction prices. The correction prices provide the information about changes in the dynamics, necessary to govern evolutions satisfying the constraints. In this aspect, the viability of the network is restored by the mechanism of decentralization by price.