Complex Systems

Glider Collisions in Hybrid Cellular Automaton Rules Download PDF

Fangyue Chen
Bo Chen
Junbiao Guan

Department of Mathematics, School of Science
Hangzhou Dianzi University
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Weifeng Jin

School of Science, Shanghai University
Shanghai, China


Elementary cellular automaton (ECA) rules 9 and 74, members of Chua's Bernoulli shift rules and Wolfram's class 2, can generate a host of gliders and complicated glider collisions by introducing the hybrid mechanism. These gliders and collisions are more plentiful than those generated by ECA rule 110. This paper presents a discussion of the symbolic dynamics of the gliders in hybrid cellular automaton (HCA) rules 9 and 74. Moreover, with regard to HCA rules that are composed of more than a couple of ECA rules, three other HCA rules endowed with gliders and glider collisions are discussed.