Complex Systems

Dynamic Switching Networks Download PDF

A. M. Khalili
School of Creative Arts and Engineering
Staffordshire University
United Kingdom


The concept of emergence is a powerful way to explain very complex behavior by simple underlying rules. Existing approaches to producing emergent collective behavior have many limitations, making them unable to account for the complexity we see in the real world. In this paper, we propose a new dynamic, nonlocal and time-independent approach that uses a network-like structure to implement the laws or the rules, where the mathematical equations representing the rules are converted to a series of switching decisions carried out by the network on the particles moving in the network. The proposed approach is used to generate patterns with different types of symmetry.

Keywords: cellular automata; complex systems; complexity; emergence

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A. M. Khalili, “Dynamic Switching Networks,” Complex Systems, 28(1), 2019 pp. 77–96.