Complex Systems

Relevance and Importance Preferential Attachment Download PDF

Chjan Lim
Weituo Zhang

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Relevance and importance are the main factors when humans build network connections. We propose an evolutionary network model based on preferential attachment (PA) considering these factors. We analyze and compute several important features of the network class generated by this algorithm, including scale-free degree distribution, high clustering coefficient, small-world property and core-periphery structure. We then compare this model with other network models and empirical data such as intercity road transportation and air traffic networks.

Keywords: geometric preferential attachment; network growth; social networks; applied probability; traffic networks

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C. Lim and W. Zhang, “Relevance and Importance Preferential Attachment,” Complex Systems, 28(3), 2019 pp. 333–355.