Complex Systems

A Review of Complex Systems Approaches to Cancer Networks Download PDF

A. Uthamacumaran
Concordia University, Montreal


Cancers remain the leading cause of disease-related pediatric death in North America. The emerging field of complex systems has redefined cancer networks as a computational system. Herein, a tumor and its heterogeneous phenotypes are discussed as dynamical systems having multiple strange attractors. Machine learning, network science and algorithmic information dynamics are discussed as current tools for cancer network reconstruction. Deep learning architectures and computational fluid models are proposed for better forecasting gene expression patterns in cancer ecosystems. Cancer cell decision-making is investigated within the framework of complex systems and complexity theory.

Keywords: cancer; complex systems; chaos; networks; algorithms; artificial intelligence

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A. Uthamacumaran, “A Review of Complex Systems Approaches to Cancer Networks,” Complex Systems, 29(4), 2020 pp. 779–835.