Complex Systems

Evolutions of Some One-Dimensional Homogeneous
Cellular Automata Download PDF

Sreeya Ghosh
Department of Applied Mathematics, Calcutta University
Kolkata-700009, India


Evolution patterns of a one-dimensional homogeneous cellular automaton (CA) are investigated for some standard transition functions. The different possible evolution patterns for an elementary CA starting with at most one active cell or ON state cell are discussed. Also, with respect to some initial configurations, evolution-wise equivalent Wolfram codes are investigated. It is shown that these equivalent codes are automorphic.

Keywords: cellular automaton; evolution pattern; evolution-wise equivalent Wolfram code; elementary cellular automaton

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S. Ghosh, “Evolutions of Some One-Dimensional Homogeneous Cellular Automata,” Complex Systems, 30(1), 2021 pp. 75–92.