Complex Systems

Universal Criticality in Reservoir Computing Using Asynchronous Cellular Automata Download PDF

Daisuke Uragami
Department of Mathematical Information Engineering
College of Industrial Technology
Nihon University, Chiba, Japan

Yukio-Pegio Gunji
Department of Intermedia Art and Science
School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan


Elementary cellular automata (ECAs) generate critical spacetime patterns in a few local rules, which are expected to have advantages in reservoir computing (RC). However, previous studies have not revealed the advantages of critical spacetime patterns in RC. In this paper, we focus on the distractor’s length in the time series data for learning and clarify the advantages of the critical spacetime patterns. Furthermore, we propose asynchronously tuned ECAs (AT_ECAs) to generate universally critical spacetime patterns in many local rules. Based on the results achieved in this study, we propose RC based on AT_ECAs. Moreover, we show that the universal criticality of AT_ECAs is effective for learning time series data.

Keywords: reservoir computing; cellular automata; edge of chaos; universal criticality; asynchronous updating  

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D. Uragami and Y.-P. Gunji, “Universal Criticality in Reservoir Computing Using Asynchronous Cellular Automata,” Complex Systems, 31(1), 2022 pp. 103–121.