Complex Systems

A Use of Variety as a Law of the Universe Download PDF

Furkan Semih Dündar
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Amasya University
Amasya, 05100, Turkey


This paper explores the idea of a toy model universe as a character string where each character is either X or -. The string makes a transition between states that are of maximal variety. The definition of variety given by Barbour and Smolin is used in this paper. An interpretation of the toy model universe is given in terms of Everett’s many-worlds interpretation. The paper also discusses whether new maximal variety strings can be obtained by addition or subtraction of maximal variety strings. A few comments are included about the use of quantum computers, which may help find the maximal variety strings more quickly.

Keywords: maximal variety; character strings; Leibniz  

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F. S. Dündar, “A Use of Variety as a Law of the Universe,” Complex Systems, 31(2), 2022 pp. 247–260.