Complex Systems

Complex Systems: Errata and Changes Volumes 3 and 4 Download PDF

Stan Franklin

Max Garzon

David E. Goldberg

Bradley Korb

Kalyanmoy Deb

Francesca Aicardi

Andrzej Lech Kawczynski

Wentian Li

Norman Packard

D. Saad

E. Marom


All known errata and changes are given below for articles published in Complex Systems, Volumes 3 and 4.

Stan Franklin and Max Garzon, Global Dynamics in Neural Networks, volume 3, pages 29--36

In the second paragraph of Section 1 and throughout the paper, the ring R should be finite, not infinite.

On page 30, the sentence below Theorem 1 that reads "Conditions 2 and 3 reflect the local infiniteness of the network'' should be changed to read "Condition 3 reflects the local finiteness of the network.''

On page 30, add to Corollary 1: "The function has range and domain , the Cantor set.''

David E. Goldberg, Bradley Korb, and Kalyanmoy Deb, Messy Genetic Algorithms: Motivation, Analysis, and First Results, volume 3, pages 493--530

On page 516, Equation (5.2) should read:

D. A. Wolf-Gladrow, R. Nasilowski, and A. Vogeler, Numerical Simulations of Hydrodynamics with a Pair Interaction Automaton in Two Dimensions, volume 4, pages 139--150

Because of numerous misprints and misplaced figures, the entire paper is reprinted in this issue.

Francesca Aicardi and Andrzej Lech Kawczynski, Period-Adding Phenomenon in a Model of Chemical System, volume 4, pages 1--10

On page 9, Figure 5(a) has been omitted. The omitted figure appears below.

Figure 5: (a) The changes of "asymptotic'' values of at the Poincaré section or belonging to . Only a subset of is shown. The picture is very similar to the bifurcation diagram for a logistic map. The period doubling cascade is seen.

Wentian Li and Norman Packard, The Structure of the Elementary Cellular Automata Rule Space, volume 4, pages 281--297

In the first paragraph in Section 2 on page 283, the sentence "When every 's can choose from the same state variables, '' should read "When every 's can choose from the same state variables, .''

In the first paragraph on page 284, the last sentence "the size- hypercube if the number of state is '' should read "the size- hypercube if the number of state is .''

On page 290, the second sentence of the third paragraph in Section 5 should read "because the width of the cluster space is 2 along and axes, but 3 along and axes.''

In the last paragraph on page 290, the clusters should be bracketed as follows: "It is easy to show that and represent the same dynamics under the 0-to-1 transformation.''

In Figure 3 on page 291, parts (c) and (d) should be switched. In Figure 5 on page 293, part (a) should be part (b), part (b) should be part (c), and part (c) should be part (a).

All references on pages 291, 292, and 293 to Figure 4 should reference Figure 5. The correct reference to Figure 4 is in the last paragraph on page 288.

D. Saad and E. Marom, Training Feed Forward Nets with Binary Weights via a Modified CHIR Algorithm, volume 4, pages 573--586

On page 584, the legend for Figure 5 should read:

Figure 5: Symmetry: Median number of sweeps required for training a network of the form to solve the symmetry problem using an exhaustive training set.