Complex Systems

Volume 5, Issue 1

A Multispeed Model for Lattice Gas Hydrodynamics Download PDF

Gerald Fahner

A New Game of Three-Dimensional Life Download PDF

Carter Bays

De Bruijn Graphs and Linear Cellular Automata Download PDF

Klaus Sutner

Punctuated Equilibria in Genetic Search Download PDF

Michael D. Vose
Gunar E. Liepins

Polynomials, Basis Sets, and Deceptiveness in Genetic Algorithms Download PDF

Gunar E. Liepins
Michael D. Vose

Testing Parallel Simulators for Two-Dimensional Lattice-Gas Automata Download PDF

Richard Squier
Kenneth Steiglitz

Numerical Simulations of Fluid Dynamics with a Pair Interaction Automaton in Two Dimensions Download PDF

D. A. Wolf-Gladrow
R. Nasilowski
A. Vogeler

Complex Systems: Errata and Changes Volumes 3 and 4 Download PDF

Stan Franklin
Max Garzon
David E. Goldberg
Bradley Korb
Kalyanmoy Deb
Francesca Aicardi
Andrzej Lech Kawczynski
Wentian Li
Norman Packard
D. Saad
E. Marom