Complex Systems

Volume 1, Issue 4

On Lagrangian Aspects of Flow Simulation Download PDF

Hassan Aref
Scott W. Jones
Grétar Tryggvason

Lattice Models of the Lorentz Gas: Physical and Dynamical Properties Download PDF

Philippe M. Binder

Exact Solutions for Some Discrete Models of the Boltzmann Equation Download PDF

Henri Cabannes
Dang Hong Tiem

RAP1, a Cellular Automaton Machine for Fluid Dynamics Download PDF

Andre Clouqueur
Dominique d'Humières

Numerical Simulations of Hydrodynamics with Lattice Gas Automata in Two Dimensions Download PDF

Dominique d'Humières
Pierre Lallemand

Numerical Experiments on Lattice Gases: Mixtures and Galilean Invariance Download PDF

Dominique d'Humières
Pierre Lallemand
Geoffrey Searby

Lattice Gas Hydrodynamics in Two and Three Dimensions Download PDF

Uriel Frisch
Dominique d'Humières
Brosl Hasslacher
Pierre Lallemand
Yves Pomeau
Jean-Pierre Rivet

The Hydrodynamical Description for a Discrete Velocity Model of Gas Download PDF

Reneé Gatignol

Compressible Rayleigh-Benard Spectral Simulations: A Useful Reference Solution Download PDF

Serge Gauthier
Gary D. Doolen

The Effect of Galilean Non-Invariance in Lattice Gas Automaton One-Dimensional Flow Download PDF

Fernand Hayot

Viscosity of a Lattice Gas Download PDF

Michel Hénon

A Poiseuille Viscometer for Lattice Gas Automata Download PDF

Leo P. Kadanoff
Guy R. McNamara
Gianluigi Zanetti

Eddy Viscosity and Diffusivity: Exact Formulas and Approximations Download PDF

Robert H. Kraichnan

Dimension Densities for Turbulent Systems with Spatially Decaying Correlation Functions Download PDF

Gottfried Mayer-Kress
Thomas Kurz

Two Cellular Automata for Plasma Computations Download PDF

David Montgomery
Gary D. Doolen

Green-Kubo Formalism for Lattice Gas Hydrodynamics and Monte-Carlo Evaluation of Shear Viscosities Download PDF

Jean-Pierre Rivet